Today Nintendo hosted a Nindies Showcase to celebrate the end of summer and promote all the indie games coming to switch this fall and early next year. We’ve organized all the newly announced indie games below. Nintendo also announced a new indie channel for the news section within the Nintendo Switch.

Hyper Light Drifter

What is it: A retro-inspired, 2D Zelda-inspired action-RPG. The Switch version is getting new outfits and weapons.
When’s it out: September 6.


What is it: Single-screen arcade multiplayer for up to six local players armed with bows and arrows. The Switch version includes all the released expansions, as well as 4-player co-op and the ability to play as indie heroines Madeline/Badeline from Celeste.
When’s it out: September 27.

Treasure Stack

What is it: A tetris-like falling block puzzle game where you arrange and unlock treasure chests. Includes versus mode and co-op multiplayer.
When’s it out: Winter 2018.


What is it: An isometric arcade game starring laser-firing cubes. Includes both a co-op story campaign mode and competitive Versus mode. The Switch version gets an exclusive Joy-Con controlled enemy called Joy-Vot.
When’s it out: October.

Mineko’s Night Market

What is it: A 20 hour RPG adventure that features crafting, socializing, and questing. It takes place on an island near Japan, and there are lots of cats.
When’s it out: Early 2019.

Samurai Gunn 2

What is it: A fast-paced action-platformer featuring a tiny pixelated Samurai who wields both gun and sword. Includes new and improved Versus mode for local multiplayer, and the Samurai Gunn graphic novel.
When’s it out: Early 2019.

Bullet Age

What is it: Side-scrolling co-op action-platformer featuring lots of guns and a cartoony world. It’s launching as a Switch exclusive.
When’s it out: November.

The World Next Door

What is it: An adventure RPG where a girl finds herself in a strange world featuring real-time puzzle battles.
When’s it out: Early 2019.

Level Head

What is it: Super Mario Maker’s level editor in an original 2D platforming world. Up to four players can tackle custom levels together.
When’s it out: November.

King of the Hat

What is it: A hat-based party game, try to knock your friends hat off before they do the same. Up to four players can play locally or in ranked online multiplayer. One of the playable characters is a washing machine.
When’s it out: Early 2019.

Untitled Goose Game

What is it: A humorous adventure where you play as a goose who’s kind of a jerk to everyone, like all geese.
When’s it out: Early 2019.

Desert Child

What is it: Combines 2D adventure with side-scrolling shoot ’em up as you take on the role of a hoverbike racer.
When’s it out: December.

Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut

What is it: Sequel to an 80s computer RPG series, features turn-based tactical combat in a post-nuclear wasteland.
When’s it out: September 13.


What is it: Isometric action-RPG featuring a memorable gravelly voiced narrator in a mysterious and beautiful fantasy world.
When’s it out: September 13.

The Messenger

What is it: Retro-inspired 2D action-platformer. Play as a ninja who gains more abilities and can switch between 8-bit and 16-bit worlds.
When’s it out: August 30.


What is it: A now classic indie RPG that subverts many RPG tropes with both its story and systems.
When’s it out: September 18.

Jackbox Party Pack 5

What is it: A collection of party games designed for local multiplayer hilarity, including the random trivia game You Don’t Know Jack: Full Steam.
When’s it out: October.


What is it: Another emotionally compelling and beautifully scored RPG from the developers of Bastion.
When’s it out: November.

Dragon: Market for Death

What is it: An old school side-scrolling action game featuring four playable characters for four player co-op.
When’s it out: December 13

Light Fingers

What is it: A group of thieves play this 3D board game filled with traps for up to four local players.
When’s it out: September 20.

Superbrother: Sword & Sworcery EP

What is it: A classic indie adventure RPG that originally launched on iOS back in 2011.
When’s it out: October.

Into the Breach

What is it: An exceptionally good turn-based, chess-like strategy game featuring mechs vs. giant bugs. Released earlier this year on PC (read our review).
When’s it out: Today!


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