Sega and Two Point Studios have launched their humorous hospital sim Two Point Hospital today on Steam (PC). It’s currently available for 10% off as an early purchase incentive until next Wednesday, September 5.

Two Point Hospital was crafted as a spiritual successor to the classic 1997 sim game Theme Hospital by Bullfrog. Many of the developers at Two Point Studios worked at Bullfrog. Their resumes include Theme Hospital, Black and White, and Sim Theme Park. Two Point Hospital is the studios’ first game.

As in Theme Hospital, players take on the role of a hospital administrator. They must design hospital rooms, train staff, research diseases, cure patients, and keep the hospital in business. The bulbous, clay-like art and style is very reminiscent of British animation studio Aardman Animation (Wallace and Grommit).

“It’s a great privilege for SEGA Europe to have been able to work with Two Point Studios on their debut release and we have been absolutely thrilled with the reception we’ve been getting for Two Point Hospital since we announced it back in January,” said John Clark, Executive VP of Publishing. “We are hopeful that this is just the beginning of our relationship with this talented studio and are confident gamers around the world will fall in love with Two Point Hospital’s charm and depth.”

Two Point Hospital is available now on Steam. It’s 10% off until Sep. 5. It’s rated E10+ for Animated Blood and Crude Humor.

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