Skylanders lives! Sort of. While we still haven’t heard any news about a new console release, a mobile Skylanders RPG is currently in development. Skylanders Ring of Heroes is coming later this year, but you can download the beta now via Google Play for Android devices. The open beta will be live until June 25.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is a turn-based action-RPG by Com2Us, the developers of Summoners War. Once again players take on the role of the Portal Master as they assemble a team of Skylanders. Skylanders include various stats, skills, and powers to choose and form unique attacks.

The campaign will include ten different Skylands, each with multiple stages and boss battles. It will also include a full PvP mode called the Championship Arena, featuring a real-time battle mode.

The future of the Skylanders brand has been in question over the last year. The last full Skylanders game was Skylanders Imaginators, in 2016. Though it was easily the best game of the prolific series, the toys-to-life genre has seemingly slowed to a crawl in recent years, with Disney Infinity and LEGO Dimensions officially shutting down.

Despite the lack of a full Skylanders game, the brand still chugs along. A third season of the Netflix animated series Skylanders Academy is currently in production.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is nearing the end of development (hence the beta). It’s due to launch in Fall 2018 on both iOS and Android mobile devices. The beta ends June 25, and is only available on Android. Completing the beta survey will net a coupon you can use in the full game.

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