After several months in closed beta testing, Indie studio Phoenix Labs has launched their co-op action-RPG Dauntless into open beta. You can download and play the beta for free at the official Dauntless website. It’s currently only available on PC.

“Open Beta is an exciting next step for us, but it is just the beginning for what we have planned for Dauntless,” said Jesse Houston, CEO and co-founder of Phoenix Labs. “For the past four years we’ve been dedicated to creating the next, great online game for players to share together, and Open Beta is the next huge step in fulfilling our promise. We will be continually adding content and updates to Dauntless and incorporating feedback from our passionate community. We are committed to providing more and more reasons for players to come back to Dauntless for years to come.”

Dauntless is structured similarly to Capcom’s Monster Hunter series. The most immediate difference is that Dauntless is free-to-play, and currently available on PC (Monster Hunter: World is due to arrive on PC later this year).

Players take on the role of Slayers. They join up for missions to hunt Behemoths in a a series of floating island arenas called the Shattered Isles. Defeating Behemoths nets material to craft powerful new weapons and armor at the hub city of Ramsgate.

Dauntless features a main campaign as well as post-game content called Evergame. Evergame features even more challenging Behemoths and hunt modifiers, as well as better loot. Phoenix Labs plans on supporting the game with new expansions, adventures, and Bethemoths for years to come.

Dauntless is available now via open beta on PC. It has not yet been rated by the ESRB.

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