The Sky Has Fallen as Fortnite Season 4 Begins

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Fortnite Season 4 (also known as v4.o) has begun. The new update to Epic Games’ insanely popular Battle Royale multiplayer shooter (and less popular co-op tower defense) includes updates to both modes along with 100 tiers worth of items and rewards.

The massive update brought down the meteors that were spotted in the sky during season three. The crashed meteors transformed the area around their landing sites, changing maps, creating new locations, and providing glowing rocks. The glowing rocks, called Hop Rocks, can be consumed to gain a unique power that grants low gravity.

Some highlighted updates include destroyable structures on the starting island (except the bus) and easier to hit headshots.

Like previous seasons, Season 4 comes with its own Battle Pass. This one is themed around superheroes, created from the downed meteors. You can earn all of the awards through regular play, or purchase tiers for real money.

Fortnite’s original Save the World co-op mode also got a hefty update, adding a new story mission series called Blockbuster. Part one is available now and includes five quests and a Landmark mission. Blockbuster Llama loot boxes are now available, while loot box prices have been reduced overall.

Other new features include loot drops from enemies, including building and crafting materials. Several new heroes and subclasses have been added, including Piercing Lotus for Ninja and Shock Gunner for Outlander.

Fortnite Battle Royale remains free-to-play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and, most recently, mobile. Fortnite Save the World is in paid Early Access. Fortnite is rated T for Teen.

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