Prolific indie publisher Chucklefish today announced a new adventure game from Chinese developer Pixpil. It’s called Eastward, and it’s coming to PC and Mac. Watch the announcement trailer above.

Eastward, the debut title from Pixpil, is described as a single player adventure game with RPG elements, which sounds similar to Crossing Souls. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic future and stars two main characters, the digger John and a mysterious young girl named Sam. It’s heavily inspired from the Earthbound (Mother) and Zelda series as well as 90s Japanese animation.

Like all of Chucklefish’s games, Eastward features a retro pixelated art style with some modern graphical flourishes.

The player will control both John and Sam as they defeat an invasion of strange monsters amidst a world of dwindling humans. Look for more details on Eastward to emerge in the future.

Chucklefish is best known for publishing Stardew Valley, which was solely developed by Eric Barone. They specialize in publishing retro-inspired indie titles, as well as developing Starbound and the upcoming tactical strategy game Wargroove.

Stardew Valley was one of Pixelkin’s Games of the Year in 2016. The PC version has recently been updated to support four-player online multiplayer, and is currently in open beta.

Eastward is coming to PC and Mac. A release date has not yet been announced.

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