Big Pokémon GO Update Adds Quest-like Field Research

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A new objective-based quest system is coming to Pokémon GO. Starting March 30 trainers will be able to conduct Field Research by picking up objectives from PokéStops, while Professor Willow will show up to present Special Research, leading to the discovery of Mythical Pokémon Mew.

Field Research is gained from spinning PokéStops. Players will receive objectives, such as capturing certain types of Pokémon, or winning a certain amount of battles. There are no limits to how many research tasks can be completed in a day, and more difficult tasks grant better rewards, including items.

Completing Field Research tasks rewards up to one stamp per day. Collecting seven stamps will unlock a Research Breakthrough, which is a special reward that grants even more items, as well as a Pokémon encounter. This encounter could even be a Legendary Pokémon.

Special Research are more long-term tasks given by Professor Willow. These works similarly to Field Research, but may be leading to the discovery of the newly added Mythical Pokémon, Mew.

Pokémon GO is curently in the midst of celebrating the Spring-themed Eggstravaganza event. Until April 2, trainers will only find 2 km eggs, but these eggs will include Pokémon from the larger 5 and 10 km eggs, letting them hatch much faster. Hatched eggs will provide bonus Candy and double the Stardust as well.

Research tasks will be added March 30. The Eggstravangza event ends April 2.

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