During the Game Developers Conference taking place this week, Nintendo released their latest Nindies Showcase, a 10 minute Direct-like video that reveals all the indie games coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

“Since the launch of Nintendo Switch, we’ve continued to be blown away with the amount of high-quality games coming from our passionate Nindie developers, and the positive fan reception for those experiences,” said Damon Baker, Nintendo Senior Manager for Publisher & Developer Relations. “This talented and ever-growing community of Nindies has found a home on Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, and we absolutely welcome their inventive and visionary contributions.”

Here’s a quick rundown of indie games, er, ‘Nindies’ showcased in the video:

Mark of the Ninja Remastered: An HD remaster of the 2012 stealth-platformer by Klei is coming to Nintendo Switch this fall.

Fantasy Strike: Fighting game veteran David Sirlin of Sirlin Games tried to crowfund this accessible fighting game on Fig last year, but funding failed to reach 30% of its goal. It  has since released on Steam Early Access and has gained some funding on Patreon. Fantasy Strike will launch on Nintendo Switch this summer.

Just Shapes and Beats: Described as a ‘bullet-hell rhythm game,’ Just Shapes and Beats will launch first on Nintendo Switch this summer.

Garage: The Nindie Showcased announced a new game by prolific indie publisher TinyBuild: Garage. Garage is a top-down shooter inspired by 80s and 90s zombie B-movies. It will be playable at PAX East next month, and it’s coming first to Nintendo Switch this summer.

Pool Panic: Pool Panic is a cartoonish action-sport game where you play as a ‘clueless cue ball.’ It’s being developed by Adult Swim Games and features four player local multiplayer. It’s a Nintendo Switch exclusive launching later this year.

Bomb Chicken: Play as a chicken who lays bombs in this retro 2D platformer coming to Switch this summer.

Lumines Remastered: Beloved puzzle game Lumines is getting an HD remake, and it’s coming to Switch this spring.

Reigns: Kings & Queens: This choice-driven adventure-puzzle game will be given a new local co-op mode for its Switch launch later this spring.

Light Fall: One of my most anticipated indie games from PAX South is getting a Switch release. Light Fall is a platformer that lets you build your own platforms as you run through it and solve obstacles. The Nindies Showcase revealed an unsurprising speed run mode. Light Fall is launching on Switch this spring as a timed exclusive.

West of Loathing: Stick-figure art, comedic writing, open world Old West setting, and turn-based combat creates one of the more unique indie games of the bunch. West of Loathing is coming to Switch later this spring as a console exclusive.

Pode: While it can be played single player, two players can control both characters in this cooperative puzzle game inspired by Norwegian culture. It’s coming to Switch this spring.

The Messenger: One of my favorite games from PAX South is coming to Switch. The Messenger features both 8-bit and 16-bit gameplay and graphics, inspired by both eras of platformers. The Messenger launches on Switch this summer.

Bad North: Real time tactical strategy with permadeath? Viking-themed Bad North has my attention. It’s coming to Switch this summer.

The Banner Saga series: All three critically acclaimed Banner Saga strategy games by Stoic are coming to Nintendo Switch this year, beginning with the launch of Banner Saga 3 this summer.

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