Fantasy Strike is a new fighting game and the latest crowdfunding hopeful to seek an audience on Fig. Fantasy Strike is billed as an accessible, easy-to-play fighting game developed by Street Fighter HD Remix lead developer David Sirlin, now of Sirlin Games.

“Controlling your character is simpler than in just about any other fighting game,” says David Sirlin, President of Sirlin Games. “We don’t have joystick motions – we don’t even have CROUCH. The difficulty all comes from deciding what to do and when to do it. We’re very interested in gameplay depth, we just want it to come from your decisions. That approach has allowed us to draw in a much wider audience at trade shows than would usually be interested in a fighting game.”

As seen below, Fantasy Strike prides itself on simplistic, intuitive controls akin to arena brawlers like Super Smash Bros. rather than traditional fighting series like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. The idea is that more people, including kids, can be drawn to the fighting game genre.

fantasy strike

The Fig campaign is seeking $500k in funding. That’s only a fraction of the total costs. Some of the funding will be provided by external investors as well as Sirlin Games themselves.

Fantasy Strike has been in development for over two years. It’s planning on a Steam Early Access release a few months after the campaign. However if you back at the $49 level and above, you gain access to a special private “Early Early Access” that will launch on Steam immediately after the Fig campaign ends.

The “Early Early Access” version that will be playable in a little over a month features eight characters, four stages, and several different modes including Arcade, Tutorial, and Online. With more funding and money comes more characters, stages, voice acting, visual effects, ranked play, co-op, and more.

Fantasy Strike is expected to release in Q3 2018 for PC and PlayStation 4. The Fig campaign ends August 25.


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