Blizzard Entertainment have announced the first expansion of 2018 for digital card game Hearthstone: The Witchwood. The expansion arrives in April, adding 135 new cards featuring a spooky haunted forest theme. A one-time bundle of 70 card packs is available for purchase now for $49.99.

Watch the cinematic trailer above, and watch three Hearthstone developers comically reenact The Blair Witch Project as they introduce several new cards below.

The Witchwood pits dark magic emerging from a forest against the werewolf denizens of Gilneas. New card mechanics include the Echo keyword. Spells and Creatures with Echo can be cast again and again in a single turn, as long as players have the available mana. The other new keyword is Rush, which is like a limited Charge. Minions with Rush can attack enemy minions on the same turn they’re summoned, but not enemy heroes.

Two weeks after the expansion releases in April, single player Monster Hunts will be available. Details of the new campaign will be released in the weeks to come.

As in previous expansions, Witchwood card packs can be purchased through in-game gold as well as real money. Witchwood car packs can also be earned through the Arena. A one-time 50-card bundle can be purchased now. It includes 20 bonus card packs (70 packs total) as well as the “In a Dark Wood” theme card back for $49.99.

The Witchwood expansion will release in April. Hearthstone is available for free on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Hearthstone is rated T for Teen.

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