Good news for older nostalgic gamers and those wanting to share the games of their childhood with their kids. Two welcome announcements were made by Nintendo of Europe on Twitter, then confirmed in a press release. Due to incredibly high demand, the upcoming Super Nintendo Classic Edition will see increased unit production and shipment through 2018. Originally shipments were to cease at the end of this year.

The initial SNES Classic shipment on launch day, September 29, will be larger than the U.S. shipment of NES Classic Editions all last year.

The NES Classic Edition was highly sought after. Despite its popularity, Nintendo discontinued production earlier this year. That leads to the second piece of news: the NES Classic Edition is back!

Nintendo has announced the NES Classic Edition will begin shipping again next Summer. Exact dates and numbers have yet to be announced. Hopefully you haven’t already dropped over $100 for one.

The NES Classic Edition originally launched in November 2016. The initial shipment lacked pre-orders and quickly sold out as Nintendo struggled to keep up with demand. The NES Classic is a retro console emulator in a bite-sized package. It features 30 NES games from the mid to late 80s, including Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Castlevania. It normally retails for $69.99, but high demand drove up the second-hand market.

The Super NES Classic Edition is due to launch on September 29. Many retailers did offer pre-orders, though they sold out nearly instantly. As mentioned above, many more units should be available at launch day, for what it’s worth.

The SNES Classic features 21 Super Nintendo games from the 90s. Some of the best games of all time are included, such as Final Fantasy III (VI), Super Mario World, and Super Metroid. It also features the never-before-released sequel Star Fox 2. It has a suggested retail price of $79.99 and comes with two controllers.


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