It is an appropriately Nintendo scenario to finally create a thing so many people want, only to come up with severe shortages with supply. The NES Classic Edition arrived today. It’s already sold out in every major retailer.

Pre-orders were up for barely a day at Amazon. They turned off 1-click ordering and limited one per customer due to the insanely high level of demand. Other major game retailers like Best Buy and GameStop didn’t offer pre-orders at all.

Searching through online stores reveals the NES Classic Edition is already sold out just about everywhere. Now the tiny emulator is selling for hundreds of dollars on Amazon and Ebay. Eager fans are not amused.

The NES Classic Edition was revealed earlier this year. At the juicy price of $60 you get 30 pre-loaded, classic NES titles. Highlights include The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and the first three Super Mario Bros. games. The mini console also comes with an HDMI cable and a retro replica of the original NES controller. The NES controller can also be used with virtual games purchased on the Wii and Wii U. It can be bought separately, but is also of course sold out everywhere.

Reviews on the NES Classic Edition have been positive. Critics praise the excellent library and efficient hardware design. The NES Classic Edition also features custom save points for each game. A big drawback is the length of the controller cord, measuring a paltry 30 inches (the original NES controller was three times that length).

With the holidays approaching we can only hope that supply will ratchet up in time for Black Friday. The NES Classic Edition is clearly a hot ticket item for nostalgic Nintendo fans. Many parents are eager to share their fond childhood memories of 8-bit adventure.

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