Board games are great. Board games that can also teach families about science are even better. Evolution is a wonderful family-friendly board game where players develop their own species and adapt to predators and a competitive environment. Today North Star Games has revealed a Kickstarter campaign to bring Evolution digitally to PC and mobile. The campaign launched only a few hours ago and is already a third funded.

In addition to the full board game of 17 traits the video game promises new features from crowdfunding: online matchmaking and a single-player campaign. The campaign will feature unique challenges by changing rules and cards. AI opponents will adopt specific strategies to win. Online multiplayer will match you with similar skilled players. A tutorial will feature the cheery Professor featured in the Kickstarter video above.

Evolution: the Video Game will also feature cross-platform play between PC (Steam, Mac) and mobile (iOS, Android).

The game is currently in closed beta. Pledging at least $10 grants beta access on mobile devices: tablets in November and phones early next year. For the PC/Steam version you’ll need to back at the $15 level, but you’ll get beta access the day after the campaign wraps on October 17.

If you don’t already own the fantastic board game, you can pledge at the $50 level to receive it as well as both the PC and mobile versions and some physical and digital goodies. Note that you’ll have to pay shipping, but the reduced cost for US is only a few dollars.

The Kickstarter campaign ends October 17. Evolution: the Video Game is set for a Spring 2018 release.


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