Graceful Explosion Machine, an arcade shooter set in a colorful version of space, has just been released for both PC and PS4. The game comes from Vertex Pop, an indie developer based out of Toronto. Graceful Explosion Machine is the company’s third title to date, and it features the studio’s signature style of vibrant, geometric graphics and simple gameplay mechanics.

In Graceful Explosion Machine, players control a fighter ship that is lost in deep space. Aliens have wiped out the rest of the fleet, and only the titular Graceful Explosion Machine (or GEM) remains to deal with this new threat. Players will fend off waves of alien attacks as the lone pilot who is just looking for home.

What the game lacks in story it makes up for in engaging, action-based gameplay. GEM travels across four different planets while battling over thirty levels’ worth of enemy forces. As the pilot of the ship, players can switch between their arsenal of built-in weapons which includes a blaster and an energy sword. Though the game is exclusively a single-player experience, the scoring system allows individuals to compete against one another for high leaderboard rankings. Those interested in rising to the top will want to check out Score Attack mode for the opportunity to do so.

Graceful Explosion Machine is available now for PC and PlayStation 4 at $12.99. A version of the game for Nintendo Switch is upcoming and will be on sale for 30% off through August 15th.

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