There may not be a Summer Olympics this year but that’s not stopping Blizzard from bringing back last year’s Summer Games event in Overwatch.

Until the event ends on August 28 all loot boxes will be replaced with Summer Games loot boxes. These loot boxes feature over 150 cosmetic items, over 50 of which are new this year.

The Summer Games 2017 Seasonal Event celebrates the spirit of competition, as well as general summer fun. New skins, highlight intros, emotes, etc all reflect various sports and summer themes. New legendary skins includes Grillmaster: 76 (Soldier 76), Lifeguard (McCree) and Côte d’Azur (Widowmaker).

Last year’s Summer Games legendary skins will be purchasable with credits at a discounted price. The discounted price will is of a normal high-price skin (1000) rather than the sky-high price of event legendary skins (3000). New skins can also be purchased with credits – a specific change Blizzard made after complaints from the first Summer Games event.

The Summer Games 2017 event will also add the new reduced duplicate rate in loot boxes.

Arcade brawl Lúcioball also returns with some improved tweaks and a second new mode called Copa Lúcioball. Copa Lúcioball lets you join placement matches to earn a skill ranking, and compete in leaderboards and earn points.

You can watch game director Jeff Kaplan go into detail about the event and the new and improved Lúcioball.

The Overwatch Summer Games was Overwatch’s first post-launch event last summer. Each event adds new cosmetic items, and usually a new arcade brawl and/or cooperative mode. To date, The 2017 Summer Games is Overwatch’s seventh seasonal event. The most recent event celebrated Overwatch’s one year anniversary in May. The next event will probably bring back the Halloween Terror event in October.

The Summer Games 2017 Event ends August 28.


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