During a special live presentation in Los Angeles, Ex-Halo developer Bungie officially revealed Destiny 2. It’s scheduled for release on September 8 for PS4, Xbox One, and for a series first, PC through Blizzard’s Battle.net launcher.

Destiny 2 will feature a story-based campaign along with cooperative and competitive game modes. The story will feature a major defeat for humanity at the hands of Commander Ghaul, and you’ll spend the campaign working your way back from the brink to take him on.

Cooperative modes will feature Strikes of up to three players and larger six player Raids, though only one Raid will be available at launch. Destiny 2 will better shepherd new players with Guided Games using clans, allowing lower level players to hop in with friends, and improve overall matchmaking. On the competitive side, the Crucible returns with 4v4 matches.

The Hunter, Titan, and Warlock return as the three classes from Destiny, but this time with new powers. The ones shown during the live stream was an Arcstrider energy staff for the Hunter, a Void Shield for the Titan, and a flaming Dawnblade for the Warlock. Everyone will also have three weapon slots: Kinetic, Energy, and Power.

Destiny 2 marks the first time a non-Blizzard game will be available through Blizzard’s game launcher, Battle.net. In the FAQ Blizzard states they have no plans to add other games. Destiny 2’s online co-op and loot-driven structure fit well with Blizzard’s library of games. It’ll be interesting to see if Activision taps Battle.net for future online releases, the way EA uses Origin and Ubisoft uses Uplay.

Destiny 2 launches September 8 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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