Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is coming to PlayStation 4 on May 23rd. Square Enix has announced the upcoming digital release of one of the most popular games in the Star Ocean series which originally launched on PlayStation 2. The game has been out in Japan since March, but now Western audiences will have the chance to revisit the title. The PS4 update will include new trophies and support for remote play among other features unique to the PS4.

Till the End of Time is a science-fiction RPG set in the far future. The protagonist, Fayt Leingod, is the son of a scientist who studies symbology, a form of magic in this otherwise high-tech world. When his planet is attacked by the alien Vendeeni, Fayt escapes with his best friend Sophia Esteed and lands on an “underdeveloped planet.” On the run from the Vendeeni, Fayt and Sophia jump between different planets and meet a variety of friends and allies. Gradually, they begin to uncover the truth about why they’re being hunted and how that relates to symbological genetics.

The game will be available for digital purchase on May 23rd. Fans can get Star Ocean from the PlayStation Store for $20.99.

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