Saints Row IV has arrived on PC digital store GoG as part of a big Deep Silver publisher sale. The over-the-top 2011 open world action game comes in its Game of the Century Edition, which includes all the the DLC. Stand-alone expansion Saints Row: Gat out of Hell is also newly available on GoG. Both titles are 75% off.

For the next 48 hours, GoG is giving away free copies of Saints Row 2. All you need is a free GoG account, then click on the banner on the home page.

The Saints Row series is also eligible for GoG Connect. If you already own the Saints Row games on Steam, GoG Connect lets you link your Steam account with your GoG account, and add certain Steam games to your GoG library. The advantage is now you own these games completely DRM-free, in addition to your Steam copies.

Finally, GoG is celebrating the arrival of Saints Row IV with a sale on all Deep Silver games. Aside from Saints Row, you can also find Metro 2033, Risen, Deadlight, and Sacred 2 for 75% off.

Saints Row IV is the direct sequel to Saints Row the Third. It’s a Grand Theft Auto-like open world adventure that takes itself way less seriously than the crime-dram GTA series. Saints Row IV introduced superhero-like powers, an alien invasion, and a Matrix-style world to wreck havoc in. You can completely customize your character, and play it cooperatively online. It’s a great game. Do note that the series is rated M for Mature.

The Saints Row 2 giveaway ends Saturday, April 22 at 6 am Eastern/2 am Pacific. The Deep Silver sale and Saints Row GoG Connect ends Thursday, April 27 at 6 am Eastern/2 am Pacific.

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