Free-to-Play MMORPG Marvel Heroes is coming to consoles under the new moniker Marvel Heroes Omega, developed and published by Gazillion. A closed beta begins today for PlayStation 4 and runs until May 15, presumably leading up to an open beta, then the game’s launch. To gain access to the closed beta you’ll need to purchase a Founder’s Pack through the PlayStation Store.

Founder’s Packs:

  • Avengers Founder’s Pack – Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Thor, 10 combo boosts, $20 of G’s $59.99
  • X-Men Founder’s Pack – Wolverine, Jean Grey, Storm, Beast, Iceman, Psylocke, 10 combo boosts, $20 of G’s $59.99
  • Guardians Pack  – Star Lord, Rocket Racoon, 5 combo boosts, $10 of G’s $39.99
  • Deadpool Pack – Deadpool, 1 XP boost, $5 of G’s $19.99
  • Spider-Man Pack – Spider-Man, 1 XP boost, $5 of G’s $19.99
  • War Machine Pack – War Machine, 1 XP boost, $5 of G’s $16.99 (PS+ Exclusive)

Note that there will be a character progress wipe at the end of the closed beta. Players will retain any purchases made. Regardless of beta participation, all PlayStation players will receive Daredevil as a free character when Marvel Heroes Omega launches.

“There’s never been a better time to be a Marvel fan,” said David Von Dorman, CEO at Gazillion. “With so many exciting films, television shows, and comics coming soon, we’re beyond excited to be able to bring the characters, costumes, and adventures of the Marvel Universe to life. Marvel Heroes Omega has been a true passion project and labor of love for everyone here – and we can’t wait for players to experience it for the first time on consoles.”

Marvel Heroes Omega is the latest rebranding of the Marvel superhero MMORPG. It originally launched in 2013 on PC to mixed reviews. Since then it has received substantial updates and improvements, launching as Marvel Heroes 2015, then Marvel Heroes 2016 throughout the years.

Marvel Heroes Omega is the first time the game will appear on consoles, and will feature local and online co-op. It’s coming to both PS4 and Xbox One later this Spring. Details on the Xbox One beta will be announced soon. Gazillion has stated that the PC version will continue to be supported as well.


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