As was rumored, the recently revealed sequel Destiny 2 is coming this Fall. Destiny 2 will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and for a series first, on PC on September 8. You can watch the new, and surprisingly humorous “Rally the Troops” trailer above.

“We’re bringing Destiny 2 to the PC platform for the first time,” said Eric Hirshberg, Activision CEO. “We are focusing on making Destiny 2 even better, with state of the art first person action, an awesome new story, great characters, and thoughtful innovations that make the game more accessible to all different kinds of players.”

Developer Bungie will host the first hands-on gameplay reveal in a broadcasted livestream on May 18. Pre-ordering Destiny 2 will award Beta access, which will start sometime this Summer.

“We are looking forward to sharing a fresh, inviting story,” said Pete Parsons, CEO of Bungie.  “With the upcoming Destiny 2 Beta slated for this Summer, we are eager to get feedback from millions of players around the world who will get a glimpse of the new adventure that will unfold for all of us.”

Players will create new characters in Destiny 2 called “Guardians.” Your goal is to reclaim the last city on Earth, which has fallen by the hands of a new enemy known as the Red Legion. Destiny 2 will feature solo, cooperative, and competitive content spread out around the solar system.

Destiny 2 will feature multiple versions, depending on just how much you love Destiny. In addition to the standard game, you can also purchase the Game + Expansion Pass, a Digital Deluxe Edition, a Limited Edition, and a Collector’s Edition. See the Destiny Store page for a full break down.

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