Post-launch updates, DLC, and patches are normal for most game releases, particularly giant AAA games. But while most Western RPGs receive tweaks, fixes, and major expansions, Japanese RPGs usually do not. Final Fantasy XV is looking to buck the trend by adding numerous post-launch updates – including some additions to the story.

“Release day is not the end for Final Fantasy XV,” wrote Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV. “We have been listening to your ideas on how to make the game experience even better. And so in addition to the previously announced content, we’ll be providing free updates to the game throughout the coming year.”

Tabata hints at new features and options they’re looking to add in these free updates. New Game Plus, new font sizes, time-sensitive quests, and “items that introduce new play styles.” They’re also looking at making certain characters playable.

The biggest and most eyebrow-raising change, however, is to the story. “Our early plans are to enrich certain aspects of the game. We’re hoping to delve deeper into the story, adding scenes that will give you new insight into character motivations.” Tabata specifically mentions a certain chapter they hope to enhance. Gameplay can be fixed faster but any major story changes will require localization.

final fantasy xvChanging or adding in additional story elements is not unprecedented. The most famous example is Mass Effect 3, when BioWare revisited the ending sequence after widespread outcry. Changes like these add to the argument that you should not purchase games at launch.

The previously announced content that Tabat was referring to is the upcoming paid DLC, packaged in a Final Fantasy XV Season Pass. These expansions open up the other members of Noctis’ crew as playable members for their own mini-adventures. The final DLC will also add online co-op. The only price we know of is for the total Season Pass, listed at $25.

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