Pokémon Sun and Moon is a little over two weeks old, and we’re already seeing its first mythical Pokémon giveaway. Magearna is officially available exclusively through Pokémon Sun and Moon’s new QR Scanner. The catch? You have to beat the game first.

magearnaThat may take the wind out of your sails a bit. But most legendary Pokémon would unbalance the main story anyway.

Once you’ve completed the game and gained the QR Scanner feature, open the app, line up the image to the right and press the R button. Magearna will be delivered to the Antiquities of the Ages shop in Hau’oli City on the first island.

The nice thing about the QR code giveaways is that they apparently last forever.

The child-like figurine Magearna benefits from the rare Steel/Fairy Type. It is known as the Artificial Pokémon, and has the unique Soul-Heart Ability. Soul-Heart raises its Special Attack by one stage every time another Pokémon faints, whether friend or foe. This makes Magearna even more powerful in multi-battles.

Magearna is the first mythical giveaway, but you can grab another Pokémon for free right now. As long as you’re playing Pokémon Sun and Moon before January 11, 2017, you can select Mystery Gift from the main menu to receive Munchlax.

More importantly it comes with Snorlium Z, a Z-move unique to Snorlax. The catch here is that you first need to evolve Munchlax, which requires a certain level of Happiness. Win battles, use moves, and pet it in Pokémon Refresh to raise its Happiness, and you’ll have the lovable lazy oaf in no time.

Pokémon is wrapping up its year-long 20th Anniversary Celebration. Now in December you can download the final mythical giveaway, Meloetta. Like previous monthly mythical giveaways, Meloetta is only available for Pokémon X and Y, and Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. Simply choose Mystery Gift via Internet to receive it. That giveaway ends on December 24.

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