Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 4, called Guardian of Gotham, now has an official release date. The latest installment of the game will drop on November 22nd for all of its platforms, including iOS and Android devices.

Like any Telltale series, Batman relies heavily on player choice. Episode 3 allowed players the chance to make a few important decisions that will directly affect the outcome of Episode 4. Regardless of how players concluded the last episode, Guardian of Gotham begins with Bruce Wayne trapped in the clutches of Penguin and locked away in a padded Arkham Asylum cell. Penguin has taken over Wayne Enterprises and is using his newfound power to keep Bruce under his control. With Batman absent from the streets of Gotham City, chaos has quickly unfolded. Innocent citizens have been caught in the crossfire as Harvey Dent and the Children of Arkham launch a full-scale war. Players will be given the task of deciding how Batman will orchestrate his escape and pursue justice for the struggling city.

Upon release, fans can purchase and download Episode 4 for $4.99 USD through digital distribution services. Anyone who already owns the Season Pass will be able to download this latest episode at no additional cost.

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