We already knew we’re getting some major news on Mass Effect: Andromeda on November 7. This week Bioware and EA have dropped a teaser video to get that hype train rolling.

The minute-long video shows a figure dressed in N7 gear standing on Earth’s moon, looking out at our home planet. A narrator explains that it’s time to move beyond our Milky Way Galaxy – “600 years from where stand.” This is the Andromeda Initiative, and all it’s about exploring the unknown.

The Andromeda Initiative is also something you can literally sign up for on the official website. This could be anything from a beta program to a newsletter or a mobile game tie-in. More details will be available on – you guessed it – November 7.

November 7 has gradually become “N7 Day” in the last several years. It’s an official celebration of the franchise, named after Commander Shepard’s N7 Systems Alliance ranking.

What we know about Mass Effect: Andromda is still limited. The original trilogy took place in 2183, so a 600 year jump is long after the cataclysmic events of Mass Effect 3. The plot involves exploring new and uncharted worlds for human colonization.

The main character is a choice between a brother and sister, both N7. With two separate characters, the other choice continues in your game as an NPC, making both characters canon. Our longest look at Mass Effect: Andromeda was a 4K tech demo during the PlayStation Meeting.

We’re expecting an announcement of an official release date come November 7.

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