In honor of the upcoming event this Saturday, Double Fine has put together a special Day of the Devs Humble Bundle of indie favorites. Day of the Devs is an event hosted by Double Fine and  iam8bit that brings together both developers and gamers in appreciation of indie games. The festival features a variety of playable games – some for the first time – as well as live musical performances. Attendees will be able to get their hands on Yooka Laylee, Moblets, and Knights and Bikes before anyone else all while rubbing shoulders with the creators of these games and many more.

Purchasing the Humble Bundle raises money for the event and will be available through Monday November 7. Games included in the deal are Broken Age, Lumino City, and Titan Souls. Fans can also pay a little extra to get Oxenfree, Grim Fandango Remastered, Massive Chalice, and Day of the Tentacle Remastered as well. A purchase of $9 or more will grant fans a VIP ticket to the actual event. For those interested, the bundle can be viewed online here:

This year’s Day of the Devs is on Saturday, November 5 at The Midway in San Francisco. Attendance is free and welcome to all.

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