Psychonauts 2 was funded earlier this year via Fig by crowdfunding veterans Double Fine Productions. The highly anticipated indie sequel is still in pre-production. That means that the game’s basic gameplay systems are being implemented – like platforming and psi-powers. In a recent project update, Double Fine founder Tim Schafer and Psychonauts 2 lead designer Zak McClendon show off the art style, animations, and early design philosophy.

The video shows off the new art style by rebuilding Raz’s old Summer Camp. Schafer confirmed that camp Whispering Rock will not actually be in the sequel; it’s just for demoing purposes. We also get to see Raz’s movement capabilities. Several new psi-powers are shown, such as juggling psi-blades and cloning.

Psychonauts was Double Fine’s very first game. Released in 2005, the quirky platformer became a cult classic with its funny coming-of-age story and unique level designs based on characters’ inner thoughts and fears. It didn’t sell well, however. Despite ending on a cliffhanger, it would be over a decade before Double Fine would be able to work on a sequel, thanks in large part to their previous successes in crowdfunding.

Fig had previously come under some controversy. In order to receive funds from their non-accredited investors, Fig had to be reviewed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Fig won the battle, though each campaign will need to be reviewed by the SEC. Additionally, investors technically invest in Fig itself, rather than the games. Fig then pays out to its clients (such as Double Fine) as well as to the investors.

Tim Schafer is a board member on Fig. Brian Fargo, CEO of InXile and another Fig board member, is currently seeking funding for Wasteland 3.

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