PC and mobile game developer Nexon has unveiled a new game in the Titanfall franchise called Titanfall: Frontline. Nexon has teamed up with Respawn Entertainment and Particle City to create the first mobile game in the series.

Titanfall: Frontline will be a shift from the usual first-person shooter format of the series, bringing Titanfall into the strategy card game genre. Players will be able to challenge others online in real-time matches as they battle each other with decks of Pilots, Titans, and Burn Cards. The developers have assured fans that, despite the changes in its mechanics, Frontline will have the unique feel of a Titanfall game.

With many different types of cards, fans will be able to build their decks in a way that suits their preferred play style. As brigade Commanders, players can choose how to put together their units by the tactics they might use in a classic Titanfall game. For instance, someone who likes a speedy attack might build a Pilot-heavy squad while another player who prefers to deal quick damage may use more Titans in their deck. Frontline supports many different kinds of strategies for a fun and competitive experience.

Fans can expect Titanfall: Frontline to launch this fall for iOS and Android devices. For more information about the game, check out the official website here. Fans can also stay updated on the latest news by following Titanfall: Frontline on twitter at @TF_Frontline.

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