Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

EA Oozes Confidence

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EA is confident about its 2016 releases. COO Peter Moore spoke at the Credit Suisse Technology, Media, and Telecom conference, saying the upcoming games are “an embarrassment of riches.” He continued, “We’ve got some of our core franchises; a new Battlefield coming up, a new Mass Effect title coming up; we actually kick off the year with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which we pushed out of FY 16 and into FY 17.

“And we also have Mass Effect Andromeda from our BioWare studio. And Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is shipping in Q4 of this [fiscal] year.”

Battlefield and Mass Effect are both established series with large fanbases. EA has already confirmed that the new Battlefield will be a military game, as opposed to Battlefield Hardline’s urban cops vs. crooks gameplay. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is a hit game for family co-op, and hopefully the sequel will be just as good.

Moore also reaffirmed that a sequel to Titanfall is in the works for the next fiscal year.


origin sale

Electronic Arts Announces Big Origin Sale

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Origin, the online portal and store for Electronic Arts titles, is having a spring sale with deep discounts on lots of the company’s recent popular PC games. The prices of some games are down to 50% off, with the others featuring varying degrees of discounts. Some of the notable games available lower prices include:

The Origin sale will run through April 9. It’s important to note that these prices pertain only to PC, and in some cases PC/Mac downloads. These prices aren’t available on consoles.