Ubisoft’s new spinoff title Just Sing has launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Just Sing is a fresh take on the popular and long-running Just Dance franchise but with a shift in focus from dancing to singing. Players will be able to lip sync along with current and older hits from the comfort of their own living rooms and in the company of their friends.

Unlike traditional karaoke games that use a plug-in microphone, Just Sing transforms the player’s smartphone into the mic. By downloading the Just Sing Companion App, players can connect their phone to the game and then use it to record both audio and video footage. The performance will then be displayed on the TV, or, if players so choose, broadcast live online for others to see.

Just Sing features a Party Mode that allows players to create their own music videos with up to three others. The game’s other main mode, Battle Mode, pits two players against one another in a sing-off. Both modes will be available to play at launch.

For more information about Just Sing’s full track list, fans can check out the game’s official website. The game can be purchased for $29.99 USD for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The companion app is free to download for iOS and Android devices.

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