Sony has been notoriously tight-lipped and coy with their upcoming “PS 4.5” console, known as PlayStation 4 Neo. Details of the higher-end console have been leaking for months. The biggest news is that it will support 4k resolution.

We should finally get the official details during today’s PlayStation Meeting. Sony is expected to announce both the PS4 Neo and the PS4 Slim. The New York conference will be broadcast live on twitch at 12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern.

While Sony has at least confirmed the existence of the Neo console, the saga of the PS4 Slim is a bit more ridiculous. The console’s existence has not yet been confirmed by Sony, despite at least one professional journalist getting their hands on it, and reviewing it. The console appears to be a simple outward redesign into a sleeker, more efficient model.

Meanwhile certain developers at BioWare have been dropping some teases and hints all over twitter. BioWare art designer Alistair McNally can’t contain his excitement.

It was ReTweeted by creative director Mac Walters, who added this:

Mass Effect designer (and of Men of Game Development Calendar fame) Manveer Heir slipped a succinct tease:

Safe to say something is coming from BioWare. This could be more information on Mass Effect Andromeda, or BioWare’s mysterious new property. Sadly the Mass Effect Remasters may just be wishful thinking. While VP of EA Patrick Soderlund heavily teased their eventual release, COO Peter Moore shot it down, reiterating that their focus is on the future with Mass Effect Andromeda.

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