During a press conference today, Sony announced two new versions of the PlayStation 4. The most exciting was the announcement of the PlayStation 4 Pro. This is the model that was code named Neo. Lots of details about the console have been circulating for months, but Sony confirmed them today.

The PlayStation 4 Pro will feature an upgraded GPU, a boosted clock rate, and interoperability, which means the easy transfer of games to the new system, if you decide to upgrade. Also, as has been reported, the PlayStation 4 Pro is not designed to replace the existing PlayStation 4. Instead, games will run on both systems. And Sony said they are encouraging all developers to make games that support the new 4K and HDR capabilities of the Pro.

To hammer home exactly how pretty the new console make things, a number of games were shown off, including the forthcoming Spider-Man, For Honor, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Mass Effect Andromeda and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Surprisingly, very little was said about PlayStation VR, except that it will look better on the new PlayStation 4. However, Sony did announce that both Netlix and YouTube will have new apps on the system to support 4K streaming video. But apparently digital video is the only thing that will work. The new console will not be able to play 4K Ultra Blu-Ray discs.

The PlayStation 4 Pro will be released on November 10 for $399. As a kicker to that message, Sony announced all PlayStation 4 consoles will support HDR next week with a special firmware update.

The other version of the console that was announced is a slimmer model of the existing PlayStation 4. Sony said that this smaller console will be the only standard one available starting on September 15. The cost of the smaller console will be $299.


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