Going shopping at Target just got a whole lot cooler. Well, you don’t even have to go into the store to enjoy this. If you visited a Target in recent history, you’re probably familiar with the large red spheres that dot the entrance to the store. Now they’re more than just spheres – they’re Pokéballs.

“We wanted to create an extra special experience for our biggest Pokémon fans, and landed on this idea that we think they’ll love,” says Rick Gomez, senior vice president, marketing, Target. “Our creative team—many of whom are Pokémon fans themselves—designed the Pokéballs, and we worked quickly to get them up across the country. We hope our guests have as much fun with them as we do.”

Target says they’ve been enjoying some nice sales of a variety of Pokémon items as well as portable batteries and charges. Not surprising. If you’re a Pokémon GO player, you know how quickly that game sucks your battery. The project isn’t happening at every single store, so you might not see the bollards (yes, that’s what they’re called) looking like anything other than a big red sphere, but you’ll still find plenty of Pokémon stuff to buy.

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