Pokémon GO is a great game to help you get outside and explore, but you need to use the in-game navigation to see where PokéStop are, and you won’t know what they are until you get there. No more. Yelp is adding a Pokémon GO search filter that let’s you search businesses with PokéStop nearby.

The new filter is available both on Yelp’s mobile app and through a general web browser. The filter is part of the other search filters, and it’s called, as you might imagine, “PokéStop Nearby.” Just like with the rest of their site, Yelp is soliciting information from users about the location of PokéStops that might not already been identified.

I was skeptical about the actual number of places that already fall within the filter since Yelp is asking the community for help. A quick search of restaurants near Seattle, turned up a decent number of locations. A search for grocery stores turned up far fewer, which is disappointing. As a mom, I spend a lot of time at the grocery store. In any event, there’s obviously a lot of room for this filter to grow. This new feature illustrates a different way that businesses can take advantage of the game. Yelp is being very smart here, even if their announcement of the filter was unbelievably cheesy. Don’t believe me. Read it for yourself.

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