Animal Jam is hugely popular MMO for kids. In the game, kids make avatars of various worlds and explore virtual worlds, play games, and build dens all while learning about animals in between. Now the game is coming into the real world as part of a new toy line.

The first part of the toy line is called Adopt-a-Pet and was launched in June. The toys are little houses that include a pet figurine with two accessories and a code that can be used in the game. Like lots of other toys, these toys are “blind” toys, meaning you can’t tell what’s inside until you open it. The Adopt-a-Pet line is sold out at its original retail price, but if you really, really want them, some are available on Amazon for double their original price.

A new line of toys called Friends-with-a-Pet will be hitting stores in the next month. These toys will include the same items, but will include a larger animal along with the pet. This is a good representation of the online game, as players can purchase pets to follow their regular animals around.

The Animal Jam game can be played on PC or tablets. It’s one of my daughter’s favorite games to play. I generally like the game a lot, but was disappointed with the change in how currency is distributed.

If your kid likes the game and you want to get your hands on some of these toys, you’ll need to keep an eye out because they seem to sell out pretty fast.

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