Blizzard has always said they would be adding more heroes to the existing character options in the uber popular Overwatch. They’ve just revealed the details of the first new hero, Ana.

According to the origin story video Blizzard has just released, it seems Ana was an assassin of sorts, killing people in order to protect her friends and family. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of her character and one that really resonates with me is that she’s a mother. Her origin story is told in a letter from her to her daughter (who happens to be Pharah, by the way.) Specific details aren’t given, but it’s implied Ana was supposed to kill someone in order to protect her friends. But she flinched and now everyone is dead. But rather than mope around in self-pity, she decides that there are more people who need protecting and that’s why she’s joining the fray in Overwatch.

Ana’s gameplay is that of a support character and sniper. She has a rifle that does double duty. It can be used to both deal damage to enemies and heal teammates. She has a grenade that does the same thing. Her ultimate will enable her to boost an ally’s stats for a small time. PC players can get a preview of Ana and other improvements on the way in the next update by using the PTR: Overwatch client available for download on Blizzard hasn’t announced when the patch and the new character will be rolled out to everyone.

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