Ubisoft announced Grow Up, a sequel to the hit platformer Grow Home, at their E3 2016 press event.

Grow Up features, once again, the adventures of the robot BUD as he explores an alien planet full of lush and monstrous plant life. His purpose? To find the pieces of his exploration spaceship MOM that shattered his ship crashes on a moon, and he tumbles to the planet below.

Grow Home’s success was based largely on its quirky animation style and engaging activity loop. You controlled BUD as he explored an island collecting crystals and helping branches of a star plant reach floating land masses. The idea being to help grow the plant high enough so you could get back to your ship. This required tricky platforming and skilled climbing.

The sequel, according to the trailer, looks to be more of the same. The difference here is that the scope has been increased. Instead of exploring a small island you are tasked with exploring an entire planet filled with star plants of various sizes.

The increased scope necessitates the inclusion of some new modes of transportation. BUD comes equipped with a winged jet pack and has the ability to collapse into a ball to help propel himself around the varied environments.

Grow Up is scheduled to be released this August. We will have more news and updates as we get closer to release so keep your eyes on Pixelkin.org for more updates as we get closer.

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