The Square Enix team brought Final Fantasy XV onto the Xbox E3 2016 media briefing stage. They didn’t just come to say hello though. They brought a giant gameplay demo that featured a battle with the Eidolon Titan.

The demo was over almost before it started, but it featured Noctis, the main character, caught in a three way battle between Titan and a number of imperial soldiers. We had never really seen the speed of combat before so it was interesting to see.

Noctis is an agile combatant, and is able to switch between multiple weapons during combat. This demo forced the player to deal with unequal forces competing to be the side to take him down. This meant he had to navigate and avoid the larger (and slower) titan while dealing damage to and eliminating the smaller foes.

The demo started with Noctis being alone, but the player only needed to survive a little while until Noctis’s friends arrive. That was when the demo really came to life. All four of the heroes work together to deal damage to the Titan and heal each other with items and spells. The best part of the demo was listening to the four friends bro out and throw context appropriate wise cracks at each other throughout the combat.

Final Fantasy XV will launch on September 30th and is easily my most anticipated game of the year. Keep your eyes on for further  updates as the release comes closer.

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