When Minecraft was released on Wii U last December, fans were promised new exclusive content. Nintendo and Minecraft developer Mojang have finally delivered on that promise with the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack.

The Super Mario Mash-Up Pack includes 40 new Mario-themed skins as well as new music and textures. Skins transform Minecraft characters into familiar Mario heroes and villains like Princess Peach, Bowser, and all the koopalings. You can play along to 15 music tracks from Super Mario 64. You can also create your own Super Mario levels using new items and textures. One pre-made Mario-themed world is included. The content is pulled from decades of Mario adventures. Best of all, it’s a completely free update.

Minecraft is available on the Wii U via the Nintendo eShop for $29.99. The Wii U Edition allows for off-TV play on the gamepad. It also comes with several current Minecraft add-on packs. A physical retail version will hit stores on June 17, with the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack included.

Nintendo has been very close-knit with its franchises. Lately we’re seeing more licensing with third parties. Just last year Nintendo partnered with Activision to release Bowser and Donkey Kong Skylanders – but only for Nintendo consoles. The figures also double as amiibos for Nintendo’s own Toys to Life product line.

Minecraft has sold over 70 million copies. It was a bit late to the party on Wii U. The promise of exclusive Nintendo-themed content is a great incentive. I expect more Nintendo packs announced for Minecraft throughout the year.

The Super Mario Mash-Up Pack will arrive next week on May 17.

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