Rocket League has been a huge hit despite its small indie background. Now Psyonix, the developer, is using the game’s massive popularity to contribute to iD Tech Summer Camps. The game will be featured in 130 camps across 30 states. It’s primary role within the camps will be as the pre-teen game for iD competitions.

“We were immediately excited by the prospect of being included in the popular iD Tech programs,” said Jeremy Dunham, vice president of Psyonix in an official release. “We believe in their vision and we love their programs, but we also know that Rocket League’s accessibility will give sports fans and non-sports fans alike the chance to compete in a game that’s unique.”

iD Tech was founded in 1999 by Alexa Ingram-Cauchi and her mother, Kathryn Ingram. Its main purpose is to help educate kids in technology fields and help to prepare them for careers in tech. The summer camps have a small class size of only eight students per instructor. Some of the skills the program teaches are problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and innovation. Besides the educational aspect iD Tech likes to make the camps fun. That’s where Rocket League and other games like Minecraft and Dota 2 come into play.

“Our task force team unanimously chose Rocket League because it’s challenging and entertaining with that fun, eSports feel,” said Pete Ingram-Cauchi, CEO of iD Tech in an official release. “Having an E-rated game is also a big selling point because it’s age appropriate and fun for all kids.”

Rocket League boasts more than 13 million players, and has garnered numerous awards in the indie and mainstream gaming spheres.The game is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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