HTC knows the valuable of hands-on experiences for consumers when they’re deciding to buy something – especially virtual reality headsets. That’s why the company has announced that Vive demos will soon be available in select Microsoft stores. The demos will be coming to more Microsoft stores and GameStop stores in the near future. While you’ll be able to try out the technology, you won’t be able to buy one and take it home immediately. You can place a pre-order for the headset that HTC says will be delivered some time in June.

According to Fortune, HTC said Microsoft and GameStop were chosen because that’s where the company believes the core audience for the Vive will be.

“We created a 10-minute demo loop with four experiences that include theBlu, Space Pirate Trainer, Job Simulator, and Tilt Brush,” said Dan O’Brien, a VP at HTC in an interview with Fortune.
“We wanted to give people a variety of experiences, but also needed to plan for lots of people wanting to try the demo. The 10 minutes allows for about three different demos at about three minutes each.”

The Vive was launched on April 5 and has garnered pretty positive reviews across the gaming space. The first stores to offer the demos are the Microsoft flagship store in New York, Microsoft at Bellevue Square in Washington, Microsoft at City Creek Center in Utah and Microsoft at Park Meadows Mall in Colorado.

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