Trademark requests are a good way to get information on new games that might be on the way. An application filed yesterday by Remedy Entertainment for the European market asks for a trademark on “Alan Wake’s Return.” 

While the trademark applications are always correct in telling us what’s been asked for, that doesn’t necessarily mean a new game is on the way. It’s common for game companies to file for trademarks for a variety of different words, simply so that someone else can’t nab them first. They could be potential new games or even different wordings for previous games.

Alan Wake was released in 2010 for PC and Xbox 360. While murmurs of a sequel have been floating around for a while, there hasn’t been any confirmation or announcement of a new game. The developer of the game, Remedy Entertainment, is getting ready to launch Quantum Break for Xbox One and PC. Anyone who purchases Quantum Break, will get the original Alan Wake for free.

The original game follows the title character as he searches for his wife who suddenly disappears during their vacation in the Pacific Northwest. In his search he comes across pages from a novel supposedly written by him, but he has no memory of writing it. The gameplay was traditional 3D survival horror action. The game was well received and holds a Metacritic rating of 83/100.

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