As was expected after a trademark filing earlier this week, Nintendo is planning to release two new Pokemon games. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released this holiday season for the 3DS.

The Pokemon franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary this weekend. Nintendo held a Pokemon-focused Nintendo Direct presentation in celebration of that event earlier this morning. Besides the announcement of the new games, there were also some new details on the older Pokemon games. The original Pokemon games, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green, are going to be available as downloads on the eShop tomorrow. Since those original games were only released for the original Game Boy, the new versions will take advantage of the Pokemon Bank. The Pokemon Bank enables players to bring Pokemon from the original games into Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Another feature of the new games is that they will include two types of Chinese for those who wish to play in that language – traditional and simplified. That brings the total number of languages in the game to nine. You may not think that language option is a big deal, but playing games in a different language can help kids start to learn that language.  Even playing in your own language can help kids learn to read.

The video, which you can watch above, featured a healthy dose of the original Game Boy and the original games. I don’t know about you, but seeing that gray brick brought back some really fond memories of gaming during my childhood.

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