Although the communities of online first-person shooters tend to be less than stellar, there are moments when they’re a great support to those who need it. Adam (aka thecrzedspartan) and his wife Rebecca lost their two daughters during an electrical fire, and now 343 Industries has decided to pay tribute to his daughters with a special Spartans Never Walk Alone pack for Halo 5.

halo 5 true light

The True Light emblem

The pack, which will all users will receive for free as part of the new update to the game, includes the True Light emblem. The emblem was named for Adam’s daughters Trinity and Lena and is the first animated emblem the game has seen. In addition to the emblem, the new Arena Map will feature the girls’ names in the night sky.

JoshingtonState wrote the post on the official Halo blog. He said, ” As a father, I can only imagine the heartache and pain caused by this loss. In the days following the tragedy, it was inspiring to see the Halo community come together to support Adam and Rebecca in a variety of ways…These are but small gestures meant to honor Adam’s daughters, ensuring that their memories are always close at hand within the universe he loves.”

The new update is available now.

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