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Guitar Hero Live Introduces New Multiplayer Challenge Mode

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Guitar Hero Live is introducing a new game mode called “Rival Challenges.” It will be a part of Guitar Hero TV, the always-on playlist of songs that players can  jump into at any point. You’ll now be able to challenge your friends in one-on-one song battles through GHTV matchmaking.

The challenges are available at level 10 or higher, and they will be random, like the rest of the GHTV tracks. Jamie Jackson on the Guitar Hero community blog writes that the challenges will pop up “twice in every half-hour show.” In other words, like with the rest of the GHTV mode, you don’t get to pick the song.

Winning a challenge will get you 100 Status XP.

Other changes include the ability to tag a song as a “favorite,” to make filtering songs more streamlined. Three play tokens will also be granted as a daily login bonus. This will let players with no plays left tackle some songs on-demand.

Jackson also teased upcoming Christmas songs in Guitar Hero Live.

So far, Guitar Hero Live has distinguished itself from Rock Band by offering a more guitar-focused, skill-based singleplayer experience. This initial foray into multiplayer was spurred by the Guitar Hero community asking for new ways to play.

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[Podcast] Gaming With the Moms #8: Pointless Games That Give Us Hats

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Welcome to episode 8 of Gaming With the Moms! Host and Pixelkin Managing Editor Nicole Tanner leads the conversation, this week with the beautiful and talented Matthew Johnston, a 20-year veteran of the video game industry and Audio Innovation Designer at Microsoft. Matthew is not a mom, but he’s a dad! (And his 8-year-old son apparently is very smart about a lot of things.) This week we cover the crucial question of whether there is a bubble forming in the smart toy market—and lots, lots more.

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