Fallout Shelter, the free Fallout-themed mobile game, is getting a Thanksgiving update! Now your tiny vault dwellers can dress up as non-historically accurate pilgrims and eat non-historically accurate turkey. Yummm.

If you haven’t become addicted to Fallout Shelter yet, you may not know how the app works. Basically, you control a fallout shelter (or vault) filled with tiny, hapless humans. You must help them generate electricity, food, and water. You can train them in skills such as Strength or Charm, and send them out into the post-apocalyptic wasteland to collect weapons and other gear (useful in the event of a Raider attack). The game is simple but strangely hypnotic. It also has a great sense of humor, though things get pretty bleak, so maybe don’t share it with very young kids.

thanksgiving barracks

The barracks are decorated with turkeys, wreathes, hats, and horns of plenty.

Here’s the original Twitter announcement from Bethesda:

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