Destiny’s “Vulture” error is getting a patch today which will stop it from showing up where it’s not supposed to.

Players with Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus subscriptions were getting the error when they tried to join PvP matches. The error is only supposed to affect players without those services, which are required to play online multiplayer.

Bungie was made aware of the problem yesterday, and wrote on their blog:

“Bungie is aware of some Xbox One players encountering Vulture errors immediately after logging in this morning (November 18th). We are working with our partners at Microsoft to investigate the issue,” the post reads. “”If you are experiencing Vulture errors that prevent you from accessing Destiny, please click the ‘Contact Help’ button and fill out the form with the requested information. Thank you for your patience while we investigate this issue.”

Today a patch is being pushed that should be live as of 10 am PST. Players will have to quit and log in to Destiny again to download the patch. You know, in case you were playing Destiny at 10 am PST like any normal adult human with a job.

Destiny’s latest release was the expansion The Taken King, which has been followed by two major patches. One of the patches let you purchase emotes with microtransactions. And the other seems to fix all the things that went wrong with the first patch.

Okay, that’s an unfair exaggeration. Patch 2.0.2. streamlines a lot of the multiplayer Crucible quests, making it easier to complete them. It also made some updates to the economy which had changed with patch 2.0.1. That initial change made it harder but more valuable to find weapon parts. With 2.0.2., weapon parts drops are back to normal, but are again only worth 50 Rep per 25 weapon parts.

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