Bungie has patched Destiny to version 2.0.1, and we’ve got patch notes. On top of the usual technical and bug fixes, there are some things you’ll probably want to take note of.

Tess Everis is now back at the Tower in her normal spot, and now she’ll be selling emotes for Silver to reflect her new venture with the Eververse Trading Company. In other words, microtransactions. Players can now buy Silver, an new in-game currency, with real money in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store.

Along with adding microtransactions, Bungie has also nerfed shotguns by removing the range-boosting upgrade and reset the exotic Black Spindle sniper rifle to remove the extra +20 attack damage bonus that was apparently accidental. For armor, players will get the “Twist Fate” node, which will allow you to re-roll your Stat nodes and Upgrade nodes on Exotic armor. You’ll need Glimmer, Armor materials, and a Glass Needle, which will be available from Xur during his weekly visits.

Other stuff—Shaxx’s Weekly Bounties now unlock across all characters after completing the Crucible Questline on one character. Teammate and enemy revives will now have distinct audio cues. The Iron Banner is now live, and the Trials of Osiris will be returning this weekend. There’s been some playlist shuffling:

  • Thieves’ Den has been removed from the Rift playlist
  • Added Twilight Gap and Asylum to Elimination playlist
  • Removed Thieves’ Den from Doubles playlist
  • Removed The Anomaly and Firebase Delphi from Inferno Salvage and Inferno Skirmish playlists

As well as some significant tweaking to the economy:

  • Sources for Motes of Light have been adjusted:
    • From completing Public Events have been increased by approximately 100%
    • From earning XP post-40 have been increased from 3 -> 5
    • From Faction Rep packages have been reduced from 5 -> 4
    • From dismantling Rare and Legendary Items have been reduced by approximately 25-30%
    • From Daily Vanguard and Crucible Bounties have been reduced by approximately 50%
  • Sources for Strange Coins have been adjusted:
    • From Faction Rep packages have been reduced from 5 -> 4
    • From Daily Vanguard and Crucible Bounties have been reduced by approximately 50%
  • Weapon Parts from dismantling Uncommon or Rare Weapons have been reduced by around 25%
  • Weapon Part turn-ins at Factions increased from +50 Rep to +75 Rep per turn-in
  • Materials recovered by Ghost Extractor upgrades reduced (but still guaranteed)

Meanwhile, if you want further details on the Iron Banner’s power curve, Bungie’s senior designer Derek Carroll outlined everything in a blog post. “As Lord Saladin prepares to make his return to the Tower, we’ve heard from many warriors of the Crucible who are wondering if power still matters,” reads the post. “The Taken King has changed how we play Destiny, and Iron Banner is no exception. In summary: Your Light will absolutely make you more dangerous in the Crucible endgame.”

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