Ah man, remember that big Halo 5 download that started for people who pre-ordered a digital version of the game?

Well, you might want to double-check that.

Microsoft says that people who bought Halo 5: Guardians before September 21 and aren’t using the Xbox One’s Instant On mode may have accidentally downloaded a placeholder file rather than the full game.

It’s not a disaster. Users simply have to delete the file and reinstall the game. Microsoft recommends that you sort your game library by file size and check the size of the Halo 5 file. As you know, this game is going to take up a massive amount of space on your hard drive.

If the downloaded file is larger than 40GB, congrats, you have the right version! If it’s smaller, the game will need to be deleted and reinstalled. Microsoft provides instructions right here if you’re not sure how to do that.

Updates for Halo 5 will also need to be installed as they are released.

Halo 5: Guardians comes out on October 27 for the Xbox One. Developer 343 Industries has been open about how the game’s multiplayer will be structured and also revealed which map playlists will be available at launch.

Guardians is the first game in the Halo series to get a T for Teen rating from the ESRB. If you missed the epic opening cinematic for the game, you can watch it right here and squeal at a) Nathan Fillion (!!!) and b) the awesome-looking female Spartans.

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