It has begun. Halo 5: Guardians pre-loading is officially started, despite the fact that the game doesn’t come out for another 12 days. This makes sense, considering how freaking big the file is going to be.

Of course, that means you have to pre-order the game if you want to actually play it at the moment it comes out. The pre-load is available with the standard Pre-Order Edition ($59.99) and the Deluxe Pre-Order Edition ($89.99). If you pre-order either version, you get a loadout weapon and custom skin usable in the Warzone multiplayer mode. The deluxe version also comes with a Warzone REQ bundle and a copy of “Halo: The Fall of Reach” (the animated series).

The Halo 5 console bundle ($499) is coming out on October 20, seven days before the game’s release, so that those players can pre-load the game, too. If you swap your game code for a physical disc, however, no pre-load for you.

Microsoft has already promised at least one update that will come out prior to the game’s release. Since you may have already started pre-loading, Microsoft recommends keeping your Xbox One on the “Instant On” mode so that the download will take care of itself.

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