Star Wars Battlefront has added Leia, Han, and Palpatine to their roster of Heroes and Villains. And they look so good! Seriously, check out the high-res images here.

In order to play as a Hero or Villain, you need to find a special power-up on the map that temporarily transforms you. While you’re in Hero/Villain mode, you are super powerful, so in order to balance out the battlefield, there can only be one Hero and one Villain activated at a time.

han soloEach Hero and Villain has a different fighting style that’s based on their respective characters in the films. “Our goal for all the Hero characters has been to capture their essence and spirit from the original Star Wars film trilogy,” said designer Jamie Keen in a PlayStation blog post, “and then convey that through gameplay.”

Leia Organa is designed to be a strategic team player, and if you spawn near her, you’ll automatically be transformed into an Alderaan Honor Guard. The designers observed that Leia in the films is an efficient shooter, and so they gave her the special ability “Trooper Bane.” It is basically a one-shot kill for regular soldiers and deals a substantial blow to Villains. She also has Enhanced Squad Shield and Supply Drop abilities.

Han Solo is, naturally, more of a “lone wolf” than Leia. His abilities include Rapid Fire, Lucky Shot, and Shoulder Charge. Emperor Palpatine comes with Force Lightning (of course), Chain Lightning, and Force Dash—effective for sneaking up on enemies.

Star Wars Battlefront comes out on November 17 and is rated T for Teen.

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